Friday, April 10, 2015

Alternate World War 2 - Warfront

Game: Warfront

Songs: This is my December by Linkin Park

World War II is a popular theme for real-time strategy games. It's perhaps a bit too popular, as the genre has been flooded with World War II games over the years. War Front: Turning Point, the upcoming World War II real-time strategy game from CDV and developer Digital Reality, hopes to break out of the pack with its unusual take on history. Rather than reenact all the famous battles of World War II, Turning Point takes an alternate-history approach to the war and wonders what would happen if Germany managed to get all of its secret prototype weapons into mass production. In War Front, the result is something that's a bit like World War II meets Command & Conquer, as tanks and infantry will battle alongside power armor and other high-tech weapons.

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