Thursday, February 19, 2015

EMW A12/(I) Rocket

EMW A12/(I): 3-stage Rocket for cargo-transportation between continents and in space (Project Peenemünde/Bad Sachsa, 1945)

The A12 design was a true orbital rocket. It was proposed as a four-stage vehicle, comprising A12, A11, A10 and A9 stages. Calculations suggested it could place as much as 10 tonnes payload in Low Earth Orbit.

The A12 stage itself would have weighed around 3,500 tonnes fully fuelled, and would have stood 33 m (108 ft) high. It was to have been propelled by 50 A10 engines, fuelled by liquid oxygen and alcohol.

Thrust of first stage: 12800t

Lift capacity: 30.000 kg

Development stage at war end: unknown, CIOS-intel says it was 'beyond the board', except one drawing no official known original sources left.

Source: Georg, Friedrich: Hitlers Siegeswaffen, Band 2, Teilband B, AMUN-Verlag Schleusingen 2004, p.149 and 219f.


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