Friday, April 10, 2015

Airborne Assault: Conquest of the Aegean – Game Review (PC)

Command During the Most Dynamic Days of WWII

Falschirmjaeger landing in CreteBefore Hitler attacked Russia, he unleashed the bestiary of his German blitzkrieg on Allied forces in the Aegean peninsula. Swift moving panzer formations, efficiently ruthless motorized infantry, elite paratroops and mountain troops, airpower and more - the might of the German military at its peak. His army swept over the Hellenic world toward Athens, the ancient seat of civilization.
It's an all-out fight for survival during the early days of World War II!

The Airborne Assault® series has revolutionized wargaming with a continuous-time-game-engine that brings military strategy to life in a deeply realistic yet supremely playable game environment.

Germans try to force their way at VevePlay as the Allies in a desperate fight to maintain a foothold on the southern flank of Europe using the mountainous Greek terrain to achieve concealment and surprise. Or fight as the Axis, driving hard achieve a quick victory with minimal losses.

Battles in the game cover the Greco-Italian War, the German Invasion of Greece, the German Invasion of Crete, a fictional scenario for the Invasion of Malta by Axis forces, and numerous other "what if" scenarios that will allow you to reshape history.

New features include:

  • Realistic resupply system
  • Exit tasks
  • Mixed mode movement
  • Order of Battle display
  • Pathing tools
  • Enhanced AI - the toughest yet!
  • Over 20 new maps
  • Over 1,000 new units
  • More than 30 new scenarios
  • For a complete list of the 25 major enhancements to the Airborne Assault game engine, visit the game Features, Overview and FAQ section.

    Incomparable Artificial Intelligence

    The game features the most adept multi-level artificial intelligence (AI) of any wargame yet published. As your enemy, it will challenge you with unforgiving precision and surprise you with cunning strategies. On a tactical level, the AI can act - if you choose - as your subordinate commander, implementing the details of your plans while you focus on the big picture. On yet another level, the AI manages environmental effects that reproduce the friction of battle through changing weather and ground conditions, fog of war, arrival of reinforcements and air support. Together these different AI personalities offer the most advanced and enjoyable gaming experience available.

    British troops escape anihilationBefore Barbarossa there was Marita and Merkur. As dust clouds rose above the plains of Thessaly and parachutes of the Fallschirmjaeger clouded the bright Mediterranean sun over Crete, the brave British, ANZAC and Greek forces dug in and faced the onslaught with gallant determination.

    Take charge and determine the course of WWII!

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