Monday, April 13, 2015

Indiana Jones' Adult years 1921 - 1990s

Late 1936:
Government agents intercept a communiqué from Cairo to Berlin believed to be send by Abner Ravenwood. Indy is consulted, since he has had past dealings with Ravenwood, and is asked to investigate the Nazi dig.  He learns that they are looking for the headpiece of the Staff of Ra so that they can locate the Well of the Souls, the resting place of the lost Ark of the Covenant. Indy beats the Nazis, both to the headpiece and to the Well of the Souls. Ravenwood's daughter, Marion, becomes Indy's partner in the adventure and together they find the Ark. Belloq shows up again to steal the Ark for the Nazis (he is their lead archaeologist) but is killed when he opens the Ark to get the tablets containing the Ten Commandments. The Ark is placed into storage in a secret government warehouse somewhere in Washington.
(Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Late 1936:
Indy joins the "gateway project" in England, investigating a crystal cylinder discovered within a Stonehenge monolith. Indy works with an English woman, Professor Karen Mays, but the Nazis are also after the secret of the discovery. Indy and Karen discover that the cylinder is the key to a dimensional gateway. The Nazis steal the cylinder and try to summon the beings from that dimension, but Indy and Karen stop them by destroying the cylinder.
(Marvel comic #4-5 - Gateway to Infinity)

Late 1936:
Indy recovers a Piute summoning stone stolen from the National Museum by a ring of international artifact thieves, led by Ian McIver, with whom Indy had previously tangled over some tablets in Bangkok. In retrieving the stone, Indy also gets a map dealing with the movements of a clan of people called the Shintay, who supposedly split off from Atlantis. Indy and Marion travel to Cameroon in West Africa and head into the Congo. They meet a group of Nazis led by Colonel Vogel and Ian McIver, but all are captured by the Shintay, who explain that they were banished from Atlantis because they worship death while the Atlanteans revered life. Vogel tries to take a crystal power orb and destroys the entire Shintay citadel leaving only Indy, Marion, and McIver as survivors.
(Marvel comic #7-8 - Africa Screams)

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