Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jurassic Reich

The Anubis Gates- the real story of Jurassic Reich

1800     Twelve months after unearthing the Rosetta Stone, Napoleon’s troops in Egypt uncover a large, ancient Egyptian artifact. It is taken to Paris for exhibition, but ends up in storage.

 1940    Germany occupies France.  In the vaults of the Louvre Museum the artifact is found and taken to Berlin.    Himmler learns of the artifact and commissions a team from the Ahnenerbe, the Nazi Occult Bureau, to investigate.

 1941    German scientists discover that the artifact is a gateway back to Earth’s prehistoric past. Teams are sent back and return with living dinosaurs.

 1942    Hitler orders the creation of a new weapon of terror – the Kreigsclaw – units of mounted dinosaurs and pterodactyls.

The famous film director, “Dino de Laurentis is commissioned to make a propaganda film demonstrating Germany’s conquest of the primeval forces of nature.

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  1. This is the published background story for the Eureka Miniatures sponsored event at Little Wars in Australia. I got to play in one of the games and it was a blast. I have some pics of the game in action here: