Friday, April 10, 2015

Alternate Campaign Settings for Fighting Wings

This page describes alternative campaign settings for Fighting Wings games in addition to those described by Over the Reich (Europe '43-'45) and Achtung Spitfire (Battle of Britain). The aircraft represented in those games and in ADCs presented in Air Power magazine and on Uncle Ted's ADC Collection provide us with a wider array of campaign settings depending on your inclination or interest.

For each setting, the goal is to provide an accurate description of the types and number of aircraft involved (including TO&Es) and the types of missions flown. Where I have existing scenarios, I'll link them in too.

These pages will not be completed immediately, and will expand as time allows (submissions welcome!). I have much more information than I can enter at once. So, rather than waiting a year or so more until I had the time to enter everything I have, I decided to go with what I have. I hope you get the idea of what I wish to accomplish based on what you see here.

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