Monday, April 13, 2015

GODLIKE Roleplaying Game in PDF

GODLIKE: The Courtyard of Hell is on RPGNow's "Hottest Items" list! That never lasts long, so let's take advantage of the extra exposure while we can. If you like GODLIKE, we need your help. Please go to the product page and leave a rating and a quick review.

Seriously, it can be quick! The top one or two things you like best about it. The pros and cons that come immediately to mind. Anything that gives viewers an honest gamer's sense of what the book is really like. Thank you!

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Back In Print: Donar's Hammer and the Pacific Bulletin

We're happy to announce that the classic GODLIKE adventure Donar's Hammer is available in print once more, along with Talent Operations Command Intelligence Bulletin 3: Marine Talents in the Pacific Theater. The so-called Pacific Bulletin is a player character's guide loaded with training, tactics, and new weapons for Marines at war. The print editions of Donar's Hammer and the Pacific Bulletin come with the PDF free.

Order Donar's Hammer in print with free PDF or buy just the PDF.
Order the Pacific Bulletin in print with free PDF or buy just the PDF.
Thank you for supporting GODLIKE. Coming soon: Operation TORCH!

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